The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a two-year full-time programme. The course structure and programme administration are as follows..

Course Structure

The programme has been organized in two years – First Year and Second Year, each year comprising two semesters. The list of papers offered during First Year and Second Year of the programme shall be as follows:

First Year Semester - I
CP 101: Perspectives of Management
CP 102: Accounting for Management
CP 103: Business Environment
CP 104: Managerial Communication
CP 105: Managerial Economics
CP 106: Organizational Behaviour
CP 107: Quantitative Techniques for Management

Semester - II
201: Marketing Management
CP 202: Financial Management
CP 203: Human Resource Management
CP 204: Research Methodology for Management
CP 205: Operations Management
CP 206: Corporate Legal Frame Work
CP 207: E-Business

Semester - III
CP: 301 : International Business
CP: 302: Operations Research
MM: 303: Consumer Behaviour and Customer Relationship Management
MM:304: Services Marketing
MM: 305: Advertising and Brand Management
MM:306: Sales and Distribution Management
MM: 307: Marketing Research
FM: 303 : Financial Markets and Services
FM: 304: Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
FM: 305 : Mutual Funds
FM: 306: Financial Derivatives
FM: 307: International Financial Management
HRM: 303: Industrial Relations Management
HRM:304: Human Resource Development
HRM: 305: Strategic Human Resource Management
HRM:306: International Human Resource Management
HRM: 307: Group Dynamics & Change Management

Semester - IV
CP: 401 : Business Policy and Strategic Management
CP: 402: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
MM: 403: Product Management
MM:404: Retail Management
MM: 405: Logistic and Supply Chain Management
MM:406: B2B( Business to Business)
MM: 407: Global Marketing
FM: 403 : Strategic Financial Management
FM: 404: Venture Capital
FM: 405 : Monetary Management
FM: 406: Financing Foreign Trade
FM: 407: Security Operations and Risk Management
HRM: 403: Performance and Counselling
HRM:404: Compensation and Welfare Management
HRM: 405: Industrial Sociology
HRM:406: Labour Legislations
HRM: 407: Human Resource Planning


  1. The candidate shall be required to take at the end of each semester,an examination as detailed in the Scheme of Examination. Each paper of the examinationshall, unless otherwise prescribed, be of three hours duration and carry 100 marks(b) A candidate shall be declared to have passed the examination if he obtains a minimum of5.0 SGPA in each semester.
  2. All other candidates shall be deemed to have failed in theexamination. Candidates who have completed the course in each semester and haveearned the necessary attendance and progress certificate shall be permitted to continue thenext semester course irrespective of whether they have appeared or not at the previousexamination (s). Such candidates may be permitted to appear for the examination ofearlier semester along with the subsequent semester examinations.
  3. Candidates who have completed the course in each semester and have earned thenecessary attendance and progress certificates shall be permitted to continue the nextsemester course irrespective of whether they have appeared or not at the previousexamination (s). Such candidates may be permitted to appear for the examination ofearlier semesters with the examinations of later semester simultaneously.
  4. The University shall prepare examination schedule. The Chairman, P.G. Board of Studieswill prepare and recommend the list of paper setters and examiners to value the answerscripts for each semester. The answer scripts of all the courses shall be subject to doublecoded valuation. All those who have completed a minimum of three years of regularizedexperience in teaching M.B.A. Courses shall be appointed as examiners for this purpose.The variation between first and second valuation shall be dealt with as per the rules of theUniversity.
  5. Regulations concerning Semester examination
    1. Each Paper shall, unless otherwise prescribed, be of three hours duration and carry 100Marks .Regular candidates shall submit a dissertation from any subject of the course andshall take Viva –Voce.
    2. Except papers for which practical examination is held the semester-end exam questionpaper shall be 80 Marks and divided into 5 units of equal weightage. In respect of thosepapers where practical examination is there, the semester-end exam question paper shallbe for 65 marks
    3. The Semester examination shall be based on the question paper set by the externalexaminer.
    4. A candidate who fails in one semester examination or who is not able to take it shall beeligible to take the same examination at the end of the next semester. Notwithstanding anything contained in the above regulations in the case of Project. Report/Dissertation and Viva-Voce, a candidate shall obtain not less than 50% of marks to bedeclared to have passed in the examination.


Candidates shall put in attendance at the College for not less than 75% of the totalnumber of working days. Condonation of shortage of attendance may be granted on therecommendation of the Principal of the College concerned. If a candidate represents theuniversity efficiently at games, sports and other officially organized extracurricular activities, itwill be deemed that he has attended the college on the day he is absent for this purpose.


The names of the successful candidates at the examination shall be arranged in the order in which they are registered for the examination on the basis of total marks obtained byeach candidate in all the semester examinations put together in the case of M.B.A. (Full-time)course.

Distinction : Those who obtain CGPA 8.0 or more
I Class : Those who obtain 6.5 CGPAor more but less then 8.0,
II Class : Those who obtain CGPA 6.0 or more but less than 6.5.
Pass : Those who obtain CGPA 5.0 or more but less than 6.0.

Only those candidates who appear and pass the examination in all papers of the four Semesters of M.B.A. (Full-time) Degree examination at first appearance areeligible to be placed in the first class with distinction. However, no candidate who has notpassed all the papers relating to any semester at the first appearance shall be eligible for theaward of any medals or prizes by the University and to receive certificates of rank obtained bythem in the examination.

Short Visits

The candidate shall make not less than two short visits to different localindustrial establishments, corporate offices in the neighbouring towns/cities in each semestercourse of the programme. The total number of visits to be made by each candidate is twelve outof which nine are compulsory. All the candidates are required to submit the reports at the timeof viva examinations.

Practical Training:

Candidates shall undergo practical training in an organisation fora minimum period of eight weeks and submit a report thereon along with a practical trainingcertificate obtained from the organisation. Practical training shall be guided and certified by theteacher-guide. The practical training shall be conducted during summer vacation betweenSecond and Third Semesters.

Paper Setting:

Question paper setting for all the subjects of all the semesters shall beentrusted to external examiners approved by the P.G. Board of Studies. The question papersshall be set on ‘Unit System’ pattern.

Project Work:

The scheme of evaluation of project studies as follows

  1. A project report based on the summer training will have to be submitted within four weeks from the commencement of third Semester.
  2. Final project study shall commence from third semester and the report should be submitted towards the end of fourth semester.

The purpose of the project work is primarily to demonstrate theapplication of knowledge of skills acquired in the four/six semesters of the programme, by studyingand analyzing a selected problem in the work situation in a systematic manner while suggestingsolution to the management.

It is desirable that the sponsoring organization has to identify the area of project work fortheir participants at the beginning of the training programme itself. Each student is required to studythe problem under the guidance of a faculty member of the department.

A candidate who failed in any paper or papers in any one of the earlier three semesters neednot submit his project Report. He/she has to submit his/her project report in the next year along withhis/her immediate juniors, after completing all the papers in the three semesters.

The completed project should be submitted to the University/College 15 days before thecommencement of IV semester examinations.

Improvement Provision:

Candidates declared to have passed Master Degree Courses inBusiness Administration under Semester System obtaining third or second class may reappear forthe same examination to improve their class as per the University rules in force.


Each paper will carry 100 marks. The duration of written examination (semesterend)for each paper shall be three hours.

Composition of marks:

Each paper is for 100 marks divided into external for 80 marks andinternal for 20 marks. In the case of subjects having practical exam, semester-end exam carries 50marks while internal (mid-term) test and practical examination carry 30 marks and 20marksrespectively.
The internal assessment marks shall be based on factors such as

  • Participation in seminars, case discussions and group work activities.
  • Class Tests, quizzes, individual and group oral presentations
  • Submission of written assignment, term papers and viva-voce.
  • Class –room participation and attendance.

The weightage given to each of these factors shall be decided and announced at the beginning of the semester by individual faculty member responsible for the paper.

Total Marks:

First Year:
I Semester : 700 Marks
II Semester : 700 Marks
Total : 1400 Marks
Second Year:
III Semester : 700 Marks
IV Semester : 700 Marks
Viva-Voce : 100 Marks
Project Study : 100 Marks
Total : 1600 Marks
Grand Total : 3000 Marks

  • Industrial Tour is optional.
  • Minimum number of hours per subject per week is four.

Viva-Voce Examination:

The candidate who passed all earlier three semesters has to appear for a comprehensive Viva-voce examination which is conducted at the end of the fourth semester. A candidate who failed in a paper or a candidate who has not appeared for any earlier examination for any paper or papers in any semester is not eligible for Viva-Voce exam. Such candidates have to appear for Viva next year only after completing all the papers in the earlier three semesters.

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